5 Videos About Persevering, Plugging Away, Planes and Pets

Aww… Esta imagen es asombrosa.

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Hello! This URL is still plugged in articles, even though the initial article has been moved. The reason I am updating is that I don’t like anything broken, like broken links. :-)

I take this opportunity to share 5 of my top videos of right now as of August 2020:

Cat 1: I climbed a desk!

Cat 2: I climbed a gigantic tree!

This cat in the video with sunglasses and elegant scarf: That’s cute.”

Spoiler: Everyone ends up being safe.

Precaution: Add “check for cats” in the pre-flight inspection?


It’s a balancing act having to understand that there are tricky persons without obsessing over it and being constantly scared.

There are always more responsibilities one can take on (be it job, relationship, etc.), unwanted temporary situations that are challenging to deal with, and societal problems.

I truly believe we need spaces to reassure us that the world goes round or just to be positively inspired. Maybe this blog is a little bit about that after all, keeping it up.

Admittedly, I am thankful life has been good and has given me abundant blessings in my career and family for the past 18 months in a row now, mostly because I put my attention and actions toward them.


I am happy to share one of my favorite channels at the moment that I like to visit on -the $20 billion platform- YouTube.

Laura is an expatriate in California and shares son quotidien with her hubby and their 2 dogs. Since most of my surroundings are Canadian/American by now, she brings a refreshing European touch that we probably are both slowly losing over the years due to gaining on local characteristics.

En gros, I am currently in a period of beginning to look at healthy lifestyles of families in North America as I was purely focused on my career until now.


My top movie, Joy, is about a woman who founded a business dynasty and became a successful business person in her own right.

Entrepreneurship, determination, optimization, performance, assiduousness, naivety, maturity, success…There is so much to take from this movie, which was produced by O Russell.

The line “We got here from hard work, patience, and humility. Don’t think the world owes you anything because the world owes you nothing.” still resonates with me.


I use this video, playing through my headphones, to focus on work, and it helps to filter out all the noises and distractions around me.

Looking at my past, burnouts have been a specialty of mine — a lot of self-deprecation really — you know moving countries, ADAPTING, scaling a business, fulfilling contracts, not messing up, becoming a woman, shaping opinions, saving for my future, and so on…so I am trying to put some good habits in practice. Actually excellent ones.

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