A Brief Overview of the Origins and Advancement of American Music

This guide by The Tunedly Team will attempt to give a simple overview of American music history.

Courtesy of Pixabay

The origins of American music

Before Europeans arrived in North America, Native Americans had their own distinctive styles of music. The music of these early settlers was not well documented. Today, pow wow, which is practiced by many Native Americans, is among the few musical practices that endured through the years.

The fusing of sounds to form American pop music

Now that we have an idea of where most of the sounds shaping modern American music came from, let’s look at how musicians used them over the years to create popular songs. As was clarified in a previous article about how to become good at pop, the term ‘pop’ literally means popular music. One of the defining factors of popular American music is that it tends to borrow from other genres.

Other genres adding to the melting pot of American music

The continuous influx of immigrants from all parts of the world has continued to diversify the sound of American music. Latin music, for example, which made its way from Mexico and Cuba have periodically churned out hits that crossed over from the Latin community into wider society. The most recent examples of this include “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi and “Havana” by Camilo Cabello.



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