In each of America’s 50 states

With the start of a new decade comes a new direction and a new theme for living my life. Harmony all around is the hallmark I am standing by.

Below are some of the gorgeous places in the United States I have been to or have in mind to check out in the future. Enjoy!

California Golden Gate Bridge

By Mylène Besançon

Certainly one of the most iconic landmarks in San Francisco and the United States. Fact #1: An earthquake struck the bridge before it was completed. …

The world’s second-largest country offers divine spots

As my team so nicely pointed out in the article The Artful City of Besançon, I enjoy going on various adventures across North America and oftentimes sharing them with my followers. I am really looking forward to building a lovely family someday and discovering more of its breathtaking landscapes together.

Below are my chosen beautiful gems of Canada at the moment in each Canadian province. Enjoy!

British Columbia — Mount Robson Provincial Park

By Don McIntosh: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license

This is one of the most remote areas of Canada. Home to Mt. Robson, which stands at 3,954 meters, the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies. The…

Evaluating the possibility of progress being made and changes in attitude

Courtesy of Pixabay

There are times when one needs to speak out against issues in order to effect meaningful change in critical areas of life. There are also times when it is probably better to highlight the positives. The latter has the benefit of raising awareness about the progress being made, while acknowledging what else needs to be done.

Back in 2017, I wrote about investors having a fear of backing married co-founders. That article came about from my own experience as a co-founder with my life partner, Chris, while we were…

Examining the strides being made to level the playing field

Courtesy of Pixabay

As I have previously talked about in the article “The lack of women in the music industry,” gender inequality is a noticeable issue in the music business. It cuts across all sectors, from artists to executives behind the scenes, and unites the music industry with other industries facing the same problem in the U.S. and around the world. Lack of inclusion for minority groups is also an issue undermining talented individuals.

We have all heard the dismal numbers — how many women get record deals compared to men, the demographic…

This guide by The Tunedly Team will attempt to give a simple overview of American music history.

Courtesy of Pixabay

American music is considered to be the most influential in the world. If you have often wondered why that is, it’s important to note that it didn’t happen by accident. You see, American music happens to be a huge melting pot, with influences from all parts of the world reflecting the diverse kinds of people who have settled in the United States over several centuries.

This guide will attempt to give a simple overview of American music history so you can get a basic understanding of where it started to what it is now. Let’s go.

The origins of American music

Before Europeans arrived in…

The Tunedly Team gives you useful tips to put into practice.

Courtesy of Pixabay

Doing music is a stressful venture. Think about it — only a tiny fraction of professional songwriters and musicians get rewards worth writing home about; the vast majority are left mired in obscurity and never earn enough to fully support their lifestyles of choice.

Yet, every day more and more people decide to become singer/songwriters, composers, etc. with the hopes of someday finding success from their efforts. Following your dreams is one thing, but it’s no secret that doing music comes with a high level of rejection. …

People appreciate art in different ways, whether it’s music, fashion, poetry, or even paintings.

Courtesy of Pixabay

Humans have had a relationship with art, in one form or another, since time immemorial. From prehistoric cave drawings to ancient instruments, it is obvious that art has always been and will continue to be an interwoven part of our existence, regardless of race, political leanings, or cultural background.

People appreciate art in different ways, whether it’s music, dance, poetry, drawings, paintings, or even graffiti. Some like to be directly involved in the creation of the art (artists) while others like to experience and appreciate it. Whatever the case, the arts play a big role in how humans see and…

Is enough being done to even out gender imbalance in music?

Courtesy of Pexels

There’s no doubt that women have made significant strides in making their presence felt in many facets of life. From winning the war on gaining the right to vote, to breaking down various socio-economical barriers, women have been scaling the heights that were once considered to be only worthy of men.

But with all the achievements made — we now have ladies being leaders of countries, women heading up major corporations, and some even featuring prominently on the Forbes wealthy list — there is still evidence of gender inequality and sexism in a number of areas. …

And restored my lost grip on reality

Courtesy of Pixabay

Sometimes you can become so focused on reaching a destination that you take the path for granted without even realizing it. As a woman entrepreneur and and co-founder of a startup, I was reminded — no, jolted — to this epiphany recently, resulting in a resetting of my mindset.

It all happened, quite unexpectedly, during a call from my parents while hopping from business trip to business trip. The short story is that the interaction left me thinking differently about this thing called entrepreneurship, as well as having to remind myself of who I am and what I am about.

Is it mere superstition that could be holding back thriving businesses?

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Making the big step of starting a business is a decision that can be both exciting and intimidating. The intimidation comes from all the challenges and potential pitfalls that could see your startup becoming one of the over 50% that fail within the first four years.

But having someone by your side can help to keep you feeling confident and remain positive about your prospects, even in the face of immense difficulties. I have firsthand knowledge of this, having co-founded Tunedly with my partner in crime, so to speak.

Along the way, we’ve learned a lot, such as how to…

Mylène Besançon

Co-founder @Tunedly. Brand mentor. 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 🇫🇷 Writer for Thrive Global. Let’s make this world a better place to live in.

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